Green mega-structures soaring into the blue sky

Given the pace with which the urban population is growing worldwide, we need some multi-use mega-structures to accommodate the people flocking to cities in search of work and a better lifestyle. Check out some of the most amazing mega structures that not only provide better place to live and work in, but also allow a sustainable lifestyle to the residents.

Sustainable Vertical City

Visualized by British architecture collective Desitecture, the 180-story building will improve the living standards of people residing in slums and also maintain the self-contained micro communities.

Wind powered futuristic city

Australian architects David John McMorrow and Mario Celik, have planned a self-sustainable futuristic city in the middle of the ocean with an aim to house a fraction of our booming billions by 2050.

Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Center

The Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Center designed by Renzo Piano is an interesting architectural manifestation of both traditional and modern building techniques. Built in veneration to Kanak leader Jean-Marie Tjibaou, the cultural center’s design is a dedication to Kanak people’s rich cultural heritage. Located near the capital city of New Caledonia, Noumé aalong a narrow strip of land, the center is surrounded by ocean and lush greenery. Read more

Green Urbanism

Integrating the modern architecture with latest technology, Graham Thompson, a graduate from the Bartlett School of Architecture in Britain, has developed a new kind of green urbanism that gives an altogether new dimension to urban density, personal spaces and communal areas. Based on synthetic hyper-structures, the new urbanity includes a number of urban farming zones in multiple levels that feature their own watering and nutrient monitoring systems. Read more

Urban Tree

Created by Geotectura, an architectural studio based in Israel, the “Urban Tree” is a sustainable structure that features greenhouse platforms on floating cubes to reduce the carbon footprints of the residents. Enclosed by the cube, each unit varies in size and function and allows natural ventilation while presenting a panoramic view of the surroundings. Read more

Skyscraper to clean up a local river

A team of architectural students from the Universidad de Chile have designed a modern skyscraper that will do much more than just provide space for residential and commercial uses. The sustainable development, proposed for Chile, will purify the water of the Mapocho River, which flows directly through Santiago.

Wind-powered skyscraper

This skyscraper by Makeka Design Laboratory responds to the relationship between social fabric, cultural framework and sustainable technologies. Exhibiting architectural excellence, the high-rise building includes everything from an internal wind farm to stock exchange to science laboratory to greenhouse.

Sustainable vertical structure

With a decrease in land available for farming and housing, New York-based architect Ju-Hyun Kim is envisioning the future of theme parks, which according to him is in the sky. Borrowing the idea from Disneyland to create different worlds, the architect has come up with a theme park for a future metropolis.

The Acupuncture Tower

The Acupuncture Tower by designer Kulthida Songkittipakdee, Jen Hung, Tien Wu and Cheng Pan, graduate students at the I.A. Lab of Taiwan University, has been proposed to be developed in the port of Kaohsiung in Taiwan.

Energy efficient mixed-use building

Foster + Partners have started work on a 300,000-square-meter, mixed-use development in Vietnam, which is their first project in the country. Dubbed as the VietinBank Business Centre, the building, which will locate itself between central Hanoi and the airport, will utilize a mix of green technologies to do away with the area’s high levels of humidity and maintain a high level of energy-efficiency.


The Space-Skyscraper is the brainchild of designer Mohamed Abdel-Aziz, who is aiming to green the Maadi neighborhood located in the southern part of Cairo, Egypt. The proposal features three twisting towers that are interconnected by a geo-sphere on the top floors.


Daniel Libeskind Studio has completed the first tower of the “Reflections” development that is being constructed on Singapore’s waterfront. The development, according to the designers, will redefine Singapore’s southern coast.

Green Energy Theme Park

H Associates has proposed a stunning building for Korea Electric Power Corporation’s (KEPCO) new headquarters to be built in a city near Naju in S
outh Korea. Providing a space of nearly 120,000sqm, the new complex will host several technologies that enable electricity generation and conservation.

The Spiral Tower

The Spiral Tower is a proposal for a sustainable residential tower for Berlin. The eco tower features apartments stacked in opposite directions in a criss-cross pattern that leaves ample open spaces for garden terraces. The design allows each apartment to have its own private garden terrace as well.

Sustainable cruise center

The cruise center has a fluid design draped in metallic panels embedded with photovoltaic film to generate solar energy. It also features a heating exchange system that uses seawater for heating and cooling the building. This helps preserve the extraordinary landscape and natural biodiversity that distinguishes the island of Taiwan. Read more

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