Most unusual business cards designs

A card printed with a person’s name and business affiliation on it is referred to as a business card. Such a card makes reference easy and facilitates recall faster. Business cards are a good way to spread your name and occupation around, especially if your work compels you to meet with a lot of people. And if your business isn’t conducted online, then it is probably the only way you can advertise yourself. But what makes a card stand out? No doubt, your wallet is usually filled with cards given by many people. Which one of them do you recall? And which do you mentally discard?

A unique card makes a person stand out of the crowd. Creativity plays a major role in ensuring that yours catches the eye of the recipient. Read on to find out some of the most creative and unique cards, some that can be used as a tool and others that can actually be eaten.

Sandra Martins Makeup

Look closely and you’ll see that the Sandra Martins Makeup card isn’t a business card in the true sense of the world. It is a lipstick mark-like design with the company name stenciled on it. The stamp or seal can be used on paper, cloth, tissue, sheets and napkins. It has been designed by creative directors, Denilson Pucci and Renato Cavalhe, and art director Cintya Reese for advertising agency, OpusMúltipla, Curitiba, Brazil. Why not try something like this (without the lipstick mark) the next time you run out of ideas?

Tok&Stok Business card

Now this is truly creative. Brazilian furniture retailer, Tok&Stok, has a unique business card which can actually be folded into the shape of a chair. An unforgettable way to make a person remember, the card is designed to be a symbol of business and creativity. This little wonder has been designed by Sergio Valente, Marco Versolato, João Mosterio, Markus Correa and Gustavo Tasselli for DDB, Brazil.

Helena Ayres Proofreader

A brilliant and cool business card idea for Helena Ayres, who works as a proofreader. Designed by Giovanni and DraftFcb São Paulo of Brazil, this business ‘card’ has a big eraser at the end that actually works.

Broke Bike Alley

Who would ever think of coming up with a card that has a utilitarian purpose? This business card for Broke Bike Alle, designed by Rethink Canada, has to be among the most brilliant, creative and expensive cards ever designed.

My own business card

The card is made on transparent plastic with different objects printed on it like sunglasses, mustaches and goatees. Place the card in front of your face or that of your friend’s and create some funny albums to be uploaded on social networking sites.

Lush Business Card

In keeping with the company’s business area, this card has been hand pressed on seed packets, stamped with letters and filled with grass seeds. The company’s logo and details are printed on the front. The cool thing is that once you take the card out, the seeds shake out and are ready to be planted.

Personal Trainer Stretchy Business card

A novel concept, this business card stretches, revealing the name of a personal trainer and his contact detail. If left unstretched, the card looks like it has a barcode printed on it. The idea is unique in that physical training requires warm-ups and the card capitalizes on that by requiring you to stretch it to reveal the trainer’s name.

Yoga One Business card

Yoga has also entered the creative business card race. This is a funny and playful promotional card for Yoga One, requiring you to place two fingers through the holes to create the illusion of legs. Created by Phil Jones, this is one card you’ll definitely want to keep in your wallet.

Tamiya business card

This card designed for Tamiya, a firm that specializes in designing resin and plastic accessories and kits for modellers, lets you break off the company’s name and contact details on the card to create a plane, boat or car.

The Bombay Bakery

The Bombay Bakery in India’s Mumbai has come up with a creative and very cute concept of lettering its company name and details on cookies which are actually edible! The cards come in different flavors like vanilla and chocolate, giving you a taste of what the bakery has to offer.

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