10 unique guitar designs to find the right chords

LEGO Guitar

Guitar always carried a fascinating aura around itself. It is perhaps the most popular of all the musical instruments known to man, though the drums come close to it. It is one of the few musical instruments which can teach a student what fascinating things science can do, its application varying from vibrations to tautness of the strings. It is also a very difficult instrument to learn.

Designers all over the world have designed various guitar models, some of them appealing in looks, others enticing the users and the audience alike with their features. Following are some of the unique and interesting guitar design-concepts that may not be practical to play but are fun to look at.

1. Big Foot Guitar

Big Foot

Big Foot may be meeting a slow death as a legend, but its inspiration seems to pull it back to the limelight again. George Martin, a guitar builder, introduced the Bigfoot guitar in the Miami festival, stunning everyone present with the bulky, odd-looking frame. Though it looks too bulky to be playable, but the design itself has gathered its own followers, no matter what it sounds like – or whether it sounds anything at all!

2. Touchscreen Guitar

Touchscreen Guitar

Touchscreen is another vogue in the market. From computers to cellphones, touchscreens are in great demand. One such electronic instrument has faced the brunt of this popularity as well: Guitar. The MISA Digital Touchscreen guitar is a 24-fret guitar that can be played by plucking the virtual strings on the touchscreen. It may not produce the original, pure sound of the guitar, but it will also not let your fingers worn out.

3. Transparent Guitar

Transparent Guitar

This guitar will turn the daylights of the electronic geeks on. Without having to dismantle a precious guitar, one can actually see the configuration from outside of this transparent guitar. It has an acrylic body and in-built speakers, which can emit quality-sound. Its fret-board is impressive for a beginner’s guitar and can be played by a novice.

4. Sword Guitar

Sword Guitar

For those who want to go back to the times when the swords used to do all the saying, the sword guitar is the ideal choice. Designed for Takamizawa, the Japanese band Alfee’s guitar player, this guitar has unusual fret-board and angel-wings-style body that can leave wondering how the thing can be played. This guitar, nevertheless, manages to satiate the guitarist’s hunger for Gothic-themed guitars and audience’s hunger of having a look at another extraordinary guitar.

5. AK-47 Guitar

AK-47 Guitar

AK-47 can leave you deaf and maybe dead, but the inspired guitar will definitely leave you speechless. This weird-looking guitar has 22 frets and a body resembling that of the dreaded gun. So realistic is the look that if someone stands on the stage with this guitar, the audience would tend to flee from the place.

6. Hot chrome Guitar

chrome guitar

Hot Chrome Guitar is a guitar with a metal body that is laid out in a pattern that will keep the onlookers captivated. With 24 frets and shiny metal finish, this guitar carries a message of caution: play only when you are sure you won’t get electrocuted.

7. Shovel Guitar

Shovel guitar

Are you a fan of the Undertaker? Do you like digging someone’s graves? Or do you simply like gardening? Shovel-guitar will surely pull the people of above kind towards itself. It is made up of the home-used shovel. The appearance itself is enough, unconventional and eye-catching. Such a guitar may not find a place in the society, but will surely earn praises from its users. It sounds like a real guitar, with good tone-quality. The process of making this guitar is loaded as an online video.

8. Pikasso Guitar

Pikasso guitar

What is formed when you attach four fret-boards to a single guitar-body? Linda Manzer’s pikasso guitar. With two sound-holes and forty-two strings, this guitar weighs 6.7 kg, facing about 1000 lbs pressure when all the strings are taut. This custom-made guitar is designed in such a way that the guitarist feels no problem while playing it, or even switching from one fret-board to the other. By using the guitar, the guitarist can play any scale and tune to his/her own liking.

9. LEGO Guitar

LEGO Guitar

Remember the small plastic building blocks you used to play with in your childhood? It seems like the ghosts of your past has come back to haunt you. This time, it is in the form of a guitar, the body of which is made up of black LEGO bricks. It has everything – from pickups to in-built amplifiers – but lacks the strings. If the latter are fitted, the guitar is ready to rock the world.

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