10 Trendy task lamps for modern workplaces

Trendy, artistic lamps are not just a creative addition to your workplace, but they are also extremely functional and have utility. Installing a trendy lamp would ensure that workplace looks modernize and cool. Moreover, it would brighten up your desk and will motivate you to work more. Check out this list to know which one of these best lamps will suit your needs:

aLOE Lamp

You can’t bring nature to your workplace. But you can always include nature inspired products to make your workplace look closer to nature. This aLOE Lamp is designed to look like an aloe vera plant. This lamp is designed by Hideki Kawata and is an eco-friendly addition to your work desk. This product has an onboard power supply along with a backup rechargeable battery to make sure that you never run out of light. It also has a mini USB and USB 2.0 port which enables it to transform itself into a mini workstation. The lamp uses LED and photovoltaic technologies that use minimal energy. The lamp is available in a variety of colors and has rotating base and dimming controls to suit your needs.

Transformable LED Trask Lights

This creative light fixture from Philadelphia based MIO is not just cost efficient but also creative. It is task lighting which can be customized and personalized by you. The modular units can be used as desk lamps and even suspension lights depending upon your needs. This eco-friendly product can brighten up a dull, boring workplace. The laser cut metal pattern is designed in a manner that the LED strip not just workplaces as light but also as a reflector thereby lighting up the room without much wastage of energy.

LIM Task Lamp
If you want your desk to look modern and creative, then this lamp can add a trendy look to your office interiors. This lamp has an unusual L-shape that makes it look unique. Moreover, it has a magnet that secures it firmly on the top of your desk. This task lamp has LED lighting that provides strong light. But most importantly, this lamp doesn’t looks like a lamp, it looks like a beautifully designed sculpture that graces your desk.


If you love science fiction and believe that robots can ease your work stress, then this lamp is a great addition to your workplace. Designed by German Designer Benedikt Achatz, this lamp looks like human arm and provides multi-dimensional interactive experience including several technologies like proper lighting and user interface. This lamp is controlled electronically with the help of 5 motors, several programmable micro-controller modules and a software interface that remains open to future additions.

W101 Task Light

This lamp has been designed by Claseeon Koivisto Rune, who is a green design professional and enthusiast. This lamp is completely made from the compound of paper pulp and starch polymer called DuraPulp. W101 Task Light is scheduled for swearing in during the Milan week on April 14-19, 2010 and has been specially designed for a Swedish lighting company, Wastberg.

Dino Lamp by Deger Cengiz

If you want to see a true fusion of art and design, the lighting pieces by architect turned designer Deger Cengiz’s are true examples. An amazing combination of a functional lamp with a multi-functional container base to store your goodies, including the leafy green kind, Dino Lamp is on display at the Wanted Design Show at New York Design Week. This lamp is made up of recyclable felt and has a flexible neck that can be bent in any direction to meet ones lighting needs. The lamps use LED bulb, which are long lasting and are highly energy efficient. This lamp is available in three colors – red, grey and green.

HeronLED Personal Task Light

The HeronLED Personla Task Light has a well-groomed design and the best part is it’s made up of the waste parts of some of the electronic goodies like computers, phones, refrigerators, printers and televisions. This lamp has an adjustable body and the light can be focused in the direction the user wants. This lamp is another addition to the list of Concept Green lamps and it uses LED bulb having a durability of 50,000 hours, which wouldn’t require a replacement before 15 years. All the above means ensure a minimized carbon footprint and energy proficient environment.

Porcupine Desk Lamp
Having a look like a porcupine, this lamp gives a downward ask light along with the textured light around it. The shade is made up of slowly burnt white clay and the base is made of clay which was later glazed in matte white. This lamp has been gracefully designed by ceramic artist Sharan Elran. It has 35W xenon bulb that is twice more efficient that the normal incandescent light and has a durability of approximately 5,000 hours. Therefore, the Porcupine Desk Lamp is chic yet energy efficient.

Percy simple task light

Percy simple task light is an aesthetic lamp whose design has been inspired by natural forms and structures, particularly the buttress root system of the Moreton Bay Fig Tree. The three dimensionally curved head and base of this lamp are hand-raised from aluminium sheet. This amazing lamp has been designed by David Pidcock, a Sydney based designer/maker. The lens and articulating joint between the head and base are supported by a moulded polyurethane carrier. This lamp was launched at Workshopped 10 and is powered by a 1 watt LED light source. The LED runs at an optimum temperature as the aluminum head works an integral heat sink by virtue of which the generated heat is dissipated over a large surface area.

Nemo LED Chain Lamp

The Nemo LED Chain Lamp is made foldable for the ease of transportation and even to make it look stylish and distinctive. Marketed by Nemo Italianaluce and designed by Iliara Marelli, this lamp is an innovative electronic item, which when stretched to full, measures 22” in height and when not in use has a height of 2.75”. Having a finish of polished pearl, this lamp has four 1 watt LED bulbs.

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