10 creative cubicles to prevent you from distractions

Creative Cubicles

Someone rightly said it about cubicles – it is the second home of a regular office goer and it defines or sets your mood for work, makes you comfortable; creates an atmosphere where you can do all work and no play. The Latin word, actually, refers to a small chamber for work, or study space. To adjust the increasing number of workforce in organizations, the usage of cubicles or workstations are increasing. Cubicles actually separate the work space from different individuals and gives a sense of privacy and are actually the symbolic representation of human working condition in modern day office. But as organizations are growing, keeping the workforce motivated and involved, becomes a challenge in itself. The work starts from the basic thing i.e. the cubicle which is like a home to an employee. Many organizations have recently started to adopt various mix of work culture and innovative trends and designs thus placement of cubicles in such a fashion that employees are psychologically attracted and motivated to spend more time at their desk. This increases the productivity of the organization. Here, we see 10 such innovative designs for cubicles that will surely prevent you from distractions.

1. A3 Curvilinear Cubicle

A3 Curvilinear Cubicle

This is the time when we bid goodbye to the dull beige cubicles as the designers are working to provide and redesign the corporate home. The trend is towards offering a cool and smart workplace. Rashid, the designer of A3 work space for Knoll, believes that in current era the human contact has gone up incredibly and so the old cubicle is outmoded. He designed an environment which is not at all cage-like, but gives the feeling of an open collaborative environment with semi translucent panels and clean surface. The corners are more rounded and the semi translucent is among the things to be noted. The idea behind this is to offer an open plane office instead of caged structure.

2. Google Cubicles

Google Cubicles

Google is a place famous for work culture, innovation and something new. When the discussion comes to cubicle, it holds the same concept as above. Design firm Camenzind evolution, was the one who worked behind the designing of Google office interiors. And what they finally offered, is truly amazing. Each room has got a theme of its own and transforms you into a different world. Sometimes, you may feel being inside an Igloo in the land of Eskimos while at the other you may feel underwater sitting in a bath tub and watching the colorful fish move around and water flow underneath, and also in snow covered Swiss mountains with your cabin as a rope-way box. This thematic design matches and syncs perfectly with Google’s aim to provide an open culture environment which gives that mixed feeling of thrill, excitement and pleasure. The employee can roam around in different places and work as per his/her wish. This is a great example of socially inclusive design and the one that perfectly inspires and motivates Googlers to work with super cool and relaxed mind.

3. Kithaus K3

Kithaus K3

What else do you need other than a portable backhouse office that requires no foundation. K3 offers you this option with a 9’ X 13’ module. Features include, aluminum construction with insulated windows and finished ceilings and walls. The space inside is great and cozy and gives a self homely environment. This is perhaps a smarter solution from the house of Kithaus wherein you can get a portable secured homely office ambiance and feel. It is cool, soft and smoothing and can be used as a personal getaway. Now that is a solution which is smart and to look out for, in case of powering mobility to your work environment.

4. Pixar Cubicles

Pixar Cubicles

Pixar is a place where you will go crazy to work for, after you see their interior design. They have invested a lot of money in their in-office decoration to provide a theme of its own. They have come up with the idea of counterproductive cubicles that look like wooden Gnome house. Now, the workers are proud owner of wooden huts instead of boring cubicles. The individual wooden hut bears separate address and acts like one. It brings a sense of belonging among the employees and creates that homely atmosphere. In Pixar, people find it hard to leave their office early for sure.

5. Selgas Cano Architecture Office

Selgas Cano

This is a type of architecture perfect for forest/nature lovers, that moves you into the lap of nature. The architectural design, that is most environment-friendly, simply places you under a tree with leaves falling from the sky for that perfect natural surroundings. Selgas Cano, recently developed this architectural marvel in Madrid. The design is like a tube, which is transparent on one side and is packed inside the woods, for insulation. The interiors are quite spacious and are like living modern in the lap of nature. It gives a different feel of nature and soothes your mind within a hectic work environment.

6. Privacy Cubicle

Privacy Cubicle

Privacy is one of the important aspects that an employee seeks when working in a hectic environment where an individual needs to handle critical data daily and take strategic decisions. The concept of privacy cubicle, is to create an office within an office. The design creates a structure that gives you a warm feeling and encloses your whole cubicle into a fine architectural design containing dedicated book shelves, vaulted ceilings and cool interior lighting. Now, this gives a sense of belonging and the employees can no more fear of upper management poking in now and then. It creates a world of its own.

7. Luxury Cubicle

Luxury Cubicle

This cubicles has became a vital part of an office goer, who spends the maximum time in a day – consciously or unconsciously – in these office cubicles. The cubicles are not just made for employee separation, but are an emblem and representation of the employee’s involvement. So these cubicles are shifting from the old boring design into a newer form of luxury. They are now fitted with Dark Cherry hardwood flooring and red Mahogany luxury panels. You feel as if you are lying in the lap of luxury with a sense of heritage. The work center is no more a cubicle but a luxury spending time. This sheer feeling evolves happy employees so that they are motivated to spend more time in those special luxury cabins of their own and be productive.

8. War Cubicle

War Cubicle

Several designers are now trying to provide a theme to the new-age cubicles. Ever thought how it would be like to have your office and work inside a military bunker? Well, now y
ou need not move to the battlefront to get a feel of this environment, but you can do the same right in your own office. These cubicles are becoming a symbol of mass destruction now. With nets, and military green color, you can feel yourself working inside a bunker. This creates a challenging attitude and the feel of a corporate warfare inside your cabin.

9. Engine’s office

Engine's office

Architecture is actually a congregation of art, fashion and anthropology; this is what London based firm Jump Studios believe. The innovation and induction of such a majestic design from the Jump Studios, came into offering when a marketing group Engine thought to build a space to attract clients and other companies working under its umbrella. The motive was to build an environment that could appeal varied taste and culture and reflect the sense of being an English brand. The intention of Jump was to transform their imagination into something concrete and dynamic. The result was quite impressive and interesting. The meeting pod design was Disneyland’ish’ and gave a calm and whimsical look. They in turn created an ambiance quite unique and impressive that laid down an example for clients of Engine.

10. Studio 53 Cubicle Concept

Studio 53

The name Studio 53 comes from the 1970’s Manhattan disco, Studio 54. The idea here was to redesign the office interior from a stringent official look to a more comfortable environment like that of a disco. Steelcase created this design, wherein it gave privacy and comfort to workers so that they could come together and enjoy a pleasurable work life. This design is created to promote an open office environment. The Studio 53 concept provides a new definition to office environment which is now more about pleasure, relaxing and fun.

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